Curing Doctor Vincent by Renea Mason

Dr. Vin 1

Erotic, hot and sizzling… move over Mr. Grey….. Dr. Vincent is in!! Oh and those with delicate sensibilities… beware! *fanning myself*

So I was very lucky to have been asked to beta read this first book in a new series by Renea Mason. I’ll rewind a bit and say that I first was introduced to Ms. Mason’s writing in the Symphony of Light series, specifically the Between the Waters book which was number two in the series. I was asked to beta read it since I hadn’t read the first and lets just summarize that I was so intrigued that I just had to read the first right away. So anyway, I had a very exciting start to reading stories by Ms. Mason.

When I saw that she was writing a new series, I was immediately ready to dive in. When my copy came I already knew I would like it based on my reactions to her previous books but I way underestimated my enjoyment let me tell you. I started reading this book around 8:00 in the evening and when I resurfaced at the end, it was way after midnight. I was so into the story that I still have no idea of what transpired in the 4 plus hours outside of my imagination and her book. I was completely sucked in! Nothing threw me out of this story. The story-line flowed so well, the descriptions were so engaging and the characters, so easy to fall into that I was in the book like Harry Potter when he visits with Tom Riddle. Considering that this would definitely be considered a highly erotic tale, it was um interesting at times. 😉 I think I may still be blushing… ha!

This story while very hot and at times unconventional, is at its heart, about love, healing and growth. If you enjoy any of these elements along with a healthy does of spicy eroticism, then this story is very much for you. I know I am eagerly awaiting the next story in this series and pretty much anything else that Renea feels the need to grace us with. I am a fan!



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